Bespoke, pragmatic solutions

We build websites, web & native apps, customised systems, digital tools and beautiful user experiences.

Neon Jungle Office

Got an internet connection and an idea? We got you.

We specialise in Python/Django and build our websites in Wagtail CMS, but explore other technologies when the project calls for it (the nerds in the back have already noticed that this site is built with Next.js).

Neon Jungle Office

Open source first

We believe in using open source software. We manage multiple open source projects and give back to the community when we can, including Wagtail. Open source projects makes development more accessible, encourages collaboration, creates quicker pathways to error resolutions and helps us gain experience. Good vibes all round.

Neon Jungle Office

Happy developers build better products.

Our philosophy has always been that empowered developers produce better outcomes. We work collaboratively, leaning into new technologies, investing in our education and learning from each other. Our approach to tech is intrinsically linked to our values as an organisation, and caters to the highest level of creativity.

We build solutions that cater to your needs, not the other way around.

We can integrate third-party apps, plugins and integrations for your site to accommodate anything from e-commerce to e-learning. If you want something that doesn't yet exist, we'll build it ourselves.

Not sure where to start?

We don't expect you to have all the answers. Through our thorough discovery process, we'll help you uncover what's required for your MVP, recommending the best pathway and tech stack towards a scalable future.