Business Events Tasmania

B2B Platform

The Business Events Tasmania bid management system is a bespoke piece of technology that sits nicely alongside their website, simply using an API to connect their basic WordPress website to something robust, scalable and perfectly suited to their needs.

Business Events Tasmania is a specialist bidding organisation responsible for marketing Tasmania as a business event destination.

Neon Jungle were approached to build the bid management system that takes proposal requests from event organisers, presents vendors with the opportunity to submit a bid for the event, and compiles vendor options into a beautifully presented proposal for the customer to review.

The system is clever, matching vendors based on parameters from the event request and automatically adding them to proposals. Business Events Tasmania can create custom RFQ forms to send to suppliers — the suppliers' responses are automatically added to the appropriate section of the proposal.

The system also acts as a CRM, allowing both the vendors and the Business Events Tasmania team to access statistics, seeing how many proposals they have received, won, or lost. The Business Events Tasmania team can manage bids and event RFQs within Wagtail and access real-time data to compile detailed reports.


  • Web development
  • Application development
  • Web design

An example RFQ page, showcasing the ability to manage and display complex content in a structured and clear manner.

Bid documents are created in Wagtail allowing BET to manage all content efficiently and effectively.