Website and web app development

Keystone is the go-to organisation for facilitating building and construction industry workforce development in Tasmania. Their work is funded by a levy on building and construction projects, which then funds workforce development projects via a training subsidy across all sectors of the industry.

In partnership with The20, Keystone engaged Neon Jungle to rebuild their website, as well as their back-end claims and applications platform, used by employers, employees and training providers.

The claims and applications portal serves many purposes, allowing users to:

- Contain a record of personal and organisational information
- Create and manage courses and training sessions
- Trigger email/SMS notifications and reminders
- Collate all training enrolments
- Provide course attendance records and feedback
- Submit applications for funding
- Submit claims for funding on approved applications
- Generate automatic invoices through MYOB integration

We worked closely with the Keystone team to completely overhaul their current system and build a new workflow from the ground up — thoroughly mapping the UX pathways for all users. The information architecture, wireframes and user testing results we produced were handed over to the creative team at The20, who produced design mockups of the new website and platform, before returning the baton to Neon Jungle to undertake the development of the project.

This project involves a plethora of moving parts and has been an enriching, educational undertaking for the Neon Jungle team. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Keystone as we continue to develop and support their digital platform.

In 2023, we launched [SOFIA]( — a comprehensive data platform that provides industry data, analysis, forecasting and planning tools for the Tasmanian building and construction industry.


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