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Big, bold and full-bodied. We build technically-rich websites stronger than your morning coffee.

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Crafted from the depths of the digital world

We love the web. Our developers relish the chance to master new technologies, and our designers refine each work into a masterpiece.

With our powers combined, we’ll make sure your window to the digital world feels like some kind of marvel.

The Diemen Awards

Bring your online presence to life

Our team are always ready to jump into a new website project. With our solid knowledge of user experience, design, systems, and code, we carve a clear path to achieve each project’s goals. All our websites are simple to manage, so the burden of maintenance and updates will become a thing of the past.

Simple to manage, simple to navigate, and hard to forget.

The Unconformity
The Unconformity

Don’t let the content manage you

Gone are the numerous manuals and expensive, long training sessions of the old school. Each website built by Neon Jungle has an editing interface tailored carefully for the types of content being managed.

All of the possibilities, none of the burden.

Griffith Archive screenshot
Griffith Archive screenshot
Griffith Archive screenshot
Griffith Archive screenshot

Tech that sings, design that soars

Your website should be a joy to visit. By carefully fusing the digital and visual, we can connect your customers with the information and products they are looking for—with no hurdles to get in the way. Construct the best path for your customers to tread, and they’ll forget there was any other way.

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A solid and dependable base

Our weapon of choice is Wagtail content management system, which we have tweaked and refined into something indestructible. We’ve been sharing our wisdom by being active core contributors to the platform, helping to mould it into the form it assumes today. It’s widely used all around the world, so it’s flexible and adaptable to any situation it encounters.

Jane Franklin Hall website
Menzies Research Institute website