The Unconformity

Website design and build

The Unconformity is an arts festival inspired by a rare geological unconformity and the remarkable cultural paradoxes of Queenstown, a small mining community in Tasmania's wild West Coast.

In a state known for its high-end, groundbreaking cultural events, The Unconformity needed to stand alone. The website would be the first brand experience for most patrons, so it was essential to engage users and entice them to learn more.

Since the launch of the original Unconformity website, Neon Jungle has consulted on a refresh of the site each year, which builds on the experience from the previous festival — all while maintaining the original values of the brand and the uniqueness of the festival.

The Unconformity website leverages the strengths of Wagtail CMS to allow the festival team to focus on regularly updating content without needing to think about maintaining the design.


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