Large scale websites, seamless integrations, intelligent personalisation – Wagtail CMS enables our best work.

It’s beautifully simple

Intelligent, bespoke pages

An editing interface that's tailored to each page, catering to your specific content needs.

An unbeatable user experience

Designed for teams who want the best for their audience, Wagtail CMS allows us to focus on the user experience at every step.

Neon Jungle loves Wagtail

We have been building websites and apps with Wagtail CMS since it's beginning. We're core contributors to the platform – we understand it as well as anyone.

Designed to be customised

Beautiful designs, without compromise

We use Wagtail to create highly designed, bespoke experiences that aren't constrained by our CMS. Anything is possible.

Make use of emerging technology

Whether you're working with spatial data, using AI to analyse documents or sending important information via SMS to ships on the high seas – Wagtail makes it simple. Editors can manage complex integrations from a simple user interface.

Integrate with anything

Let's bring all your business processes together. We integrate Wagtail with email platforms, payment providers, e-commerce systems, CRMs and more.

Bring big ideas to life

We love working on big projects - and Wagtail handles them easily. We've built websites that cater to 120k+ products and 1000's of images.

SEO, without the fuss

All our websites have well structured navigation, search titles & descriptions, social media images and fast load times. We're always using the latest SEO methodologies.

Fast, useful search

Wagtail integrates with Elasticsearch, enabling enterprise-grade search functionality for any sized project.